Proposal TemplatesRWCO constructed POLARIS Proposal Response Templates using the latest GSA POLARIS draft materials. Once a final RFP is released, the customer will receive updated file templates (assuming changes between the draft and final versions). RWCO anticipates minor changes by the GSA to the POLARIS RFP documents and stands ready to review all final solicitation documents for compliance against the draft materials within 48 hours of the final RFP release. We provide these updated documents to those customers that purchase any POLARIS bid package free of charge.

RWCO shall also provide “Advisory Bulletins” to Offerors upon the release of GSA-issued POLARIS Amendments. 

RWCO’s POLARIS package includes complete templates for Self-Scoring, Past performance, and Project Experience Questionnaires – documents that the GSA had not included in its most recent release of POLARIS draft solicitation files Attachments J.P-1 through J.P-4).

RWCO has engineered J.P-1-4 materials through interaction with both the GSA and the SBA.  We have built our response attachments (ex: J.P-1) off historical requirements associated with POLARIS predecessor vehicles: Alliant 2 and VETS 2.  These attachments allow Offerors to get a head start on go/no go and specific scoring and evaluation factors relevant to past performance, experience, capability, corporate risk, certification, and financial capability. Our POLARIS proposal packages are as follows:



Includes Volumes 1-6, the package includes six (6) files, all provided as Microsoft Word documents. The POLARIS Bid Package includes an automatic update/refresh upon final release of POLARIS Solicitation that will include a Compliance matrix that walks you through what, if anything changed from the Draft Version to the FINAL POLARIS release.



This package includes all of the bid Volume templates provided in the Bronze package plus Attachments J.P-1, J.P-2, J.P-3, and J.P-4. These are Attachments that the Government did not include within the draft release of the Solicitation but may be derived from historical bid actions associated with Alliant 2 and VETS 2 (POLARIS’s predecessor contract vehicles). In addition, RWCO also includes a factsheet on Contractor Teaming Agreements and Joint Ventures relevant to the POLARIS requirements.



Includes all elements itemized in the Silver Bid Package plus two critical documents, provided as an example of section response requirements: Professional Compensation Plan (template) and Uncompensated Overtime Policy narrative, both of which are required response elements within Volume 1 of the POLARIS proposal. The inclusion of both the Compensation Plan (MS Word document) and the Uncompensated Overtime Policy (MS Word document) provides Offerors with 11 POLARIS specific files, all of which are checked for compliance, and final versions (if anything changes) are provided to the customer at no extra charge.



Includes all elements associated with the Gold package plus a complete example of a Cybersecurity and SCRM Assessment document (~7 pages), a required response element within Volume 6. This supplemental document is provided in MS Word format, thus bringing the total number of POLARIS files supplied to the customer to 12 (all clearly labeled and organized for ease of navigation). IN ADDITION, RWCO shall allocate three (3) hours of supplemental advisory support to customers throughout the POLARIS procurement. The allocation of advisory support may include color reviews, questions/answers/feedback, or other “help desk” and clarification functions required by firms bidding POLARIS.