Richard Wagner and Company (RWCO) supports the business development needs of clients in the expansion of market access to overseas customers.

Proposal Services

Local Knowledge

We use our proprietary worldwide network of more than 30 RWCO commercial consultants across the globe, each armed with local business and market knowledge relevant to more than 73 countries around the world. Therefore, our clients have the benefit of real-time information from resources on the ground across a diverse collection of industries, regions, and cultures.

Multiple Award Schedule Applications and Abilityone Programs


In most foreign business environments, the local government places a restriction on the control and operation of a business by a foreign entity to ensure that local businesses remain viable. Therefore, a critical step within the international business development function is the identification, vetting, and onboarding of stable business partners in a given country. RWCO facilitates communications and coordinates interactions with potential business partners to ease the client's entry into markets abroad.


  • Opportunity identification and business development activities that will identify the appropriate market for a specific client with a specific product or service.
  • Organization outreach, stakeholder relations, and marketing that facilitates entry into a market.
  • In-country coordination that includes identifying local partners, legal compliance, banking, labor market engagement, and formation of joint ventures.
  • Identification and negotiation with local contractors and equipment suppliers across multiple industries.

  • Ability to project, forecast, and plan for upcoming tenders, RFPs, and bids across a myriad of funding sources - to include the World Bank, United Nations, and Foreign Governments - across 74 different industrial sectors worldwide.
  • Influencer involvement to include local ministries of commerce and trade, US institutions, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).
  • Market planning, proposal planning and bid/tender responses.
  •  Access to funding sources via direct relations with financial institutions that empower the client to manage its exports.

Training and Executive Education

Experience and Expertise

Using best practices in opportunity research, partnering, opportunity capture, competitive intelligence, proposal writing, project management, and flawless project execution, RWCO - on behalf of clients - has forged a clear path to new markets all over the globe. We work with major multinational companies and small business alike, representing a myriad of industries that span from aviation to security, from port operations to manufacturing and energy.


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