As we move toward the end of the Government 2019 fiscal year, the Small Business Administration anticipates a significant uptick in sole source inquiries by both Federal agency stakeholders and 8(a) small business owners. As an 8(a) small business, then you know the use of the sole source process is a critical weapon in the arsenal of your business.

As with most things involving the Federal government, there is both an art and a science associated with communicating with your SBA representative and identifying viable opportunities in which to target for sole source possibilities.

Complicating matters even more is that fact that each SBA local field office may utilize its own set of rules and guidelines in managing the traffic associated with small business inquiries for sole source opportunities.

However, as a general rule of thumb, SBA field offices are judge and jury over what can and will be “searched” as a sole source opportunity. Many of the field offices have made changes in the last few weeks on their internal sole source processes in anticipation of “Sole Source Season” which typically runs from the middle of August through the end of September. 

Changes in the 8(a) Search and Requirement Letters are a collaborative effort of both a local field office’s Business Development Staff and District Counsel, the group charged with ensuring alignment with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).  The intended outcome is a streamlined process but, in reality, it also contributes to confusion among active 8(a) small businesses.

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RWCO conducts an annual research survey of comprehensive market trends across the Federal contractor community.  The research survey, entitled “Public Sector Procurement Barometer”, is fielded via an online research portal.  Respondents are invited to participate in the survey through an email outreach campaign that is conducted throughout the month December. The survey is released from January 2-January 31 every calendar year.

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The DIA will combine two information technology contracting vehicles worth potentially $5.1B as a follow-on to the Enhanced Solutions for the IT Enterprise contract (E-SITE). The DIA plans to merge the $3B Infrastructure Sustainment and Development 2 program with the $2.1B Application DS2 solicitation to form a SITE III multiple-award contract. IDS2 covers cloud services and data center support work, while ADS2 seeks data integration, software engineering and other technical support services.

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RWCO has assembled a complete review of the LTASC III program in the form of a project plan and we are providing you access to that project plan with no strings attached. Consider it our way of providing value in the form of market intelligence and LTASC guidance while demonstrating our capability of support on LTASC responses in the future.

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