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A Simplified Bundle of Response Tools

RWCOs 8(a) Stars III Bundle is a collection of tools and templates that dilute the complexity of the 8(a) Stars III response process. It offers simplicity and clarity and draws upon RWCOs 15 years of hands-on experience with the GSAs 8(a) Stars program.

The bundle includes tools and templates that cut to the heart of the 8(a) Stars III response:

  1. Past Performance template and tools
  2. Professional Compensation Plan
  3. Uncompensated Overtime narrative,
  4. Updated 8(a) Stars III compliance matrix

Kickstart your planning, writing, and RFP response efforts using our MS Office-based tools (MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel).

Proven Tools and Templates -The 8(a) Stars III Bundle was constructed and tested around multiple GSA and Federal-agency procurements and has designed using the GSAs 8(a) Stars III RFP elements as the structural foundation of all materials. That said, many of the tools and templates, such as the Professional Compensation Plan and the narrative regarding Uncompensated Overtime, have use well beyond the 8(a) Stars III response.

Easy to Use with Real-Time Support -This easy-to-use bundle is ready to go right from the start. It is a simple, intuitive set of materials that will significant reduce the complexity surround the 8(a) Stars III response. In addition, this Bundle also includes Help Desk and Advisory support during the actual response process. Simply utilize our 1-800 provided, provide the confirmation key embedded within the Compliance Matrix included in the Bundle, and RWCO personnel will address questions, and concerns in real-time so you are never without support.

Specifications -The 8(a) Stars III Bundle is a series of files and materials that utilize Microsoft Office.