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A faster, easier, and better way for building labor rates, project prices, and pricing models.

RWCOs PricePoint Dynamics takes the complexity out of the pricing process by utilizing our time tested pricing template. It offers simplicity, peace of mind, and precision in building pricing derived from 1-1,000 labor categories. The model accounts for assumptions, real time, and systemically converts those assumptions into calculations across all labor categories. The pricing model is flexible in its use and allows for further customization by the user.

Kickstart your pricing strategy, financial modeling, and labor category pricing with a MS Office-based pricing solution. RWCO PricePoint Dynamics is a full-feature financial model that simplifies the pricing of labor categories while affording your staff the ability to custom, augment, and test pricing and operational assumptions for virtually any type of service.

Battle Tested -The model was constructed and tested around multiple GSA and Federal-agency procurements and has designed using the GSAs 8(a) Stars III 120+ labor categories as the baseline. That said, the model is dynamic in that it can be used by any company across any industry and across thousands of service labor categories.

Price Intelligently, Bid Confidently -This easy-to-use pricing model is ready to go right from the start. It is easy to learn with a color-coded system for identifying embedded model formulas and 22 baseline input assumptions. It is, in all probability, the only pricing model you will ever need.

Specifications -PricePoint Dynamics is Microsoft Office Excel file and utilizes MS Windows operating systems. File size: 176KB