RWCO's CompassIDIQ is a monthly subscription service that aggregates dynamic and diverse market intelligence into actionable information regarding IDIQ task order opportunities across the civilian and defense sectors of the federal government. It provides opportunity development data at the Task Order (TO) level of more than 100 independent Federal agency IDIQs and 20 GSA Schedules.

The CompassIDIQ platform solves the problem of winning an IDIQ seat, and then blindly waiting for the release of subsequent TOs until the public release of the Request for Proposals (RFP).

The goal of CompassIDIQ is to put power into the hands of its subscribers by providing advanced market intelligence months prior to the release of a given TO. CompassIDIQ enables subscribers to implement strategies to capture a TO, positions teams to respond to TO requirements, and effectively deploys resources conducive to growing business within the context of full IDIQ market visibility.

CompassIDIQ provides the subscriber with a comprehensive inventory of every TO pending release for a subscribed IDIQ vehicle. The market intelligence is delivered monthly in an editable MS Excel file that starts with a synopsis dashboard that allows the subscriber to quickly view the IDIQ marketplace, quantifies the relevant value of combined TOs, and prioritize TOs by interest and/or client capability. The second tab lists the complete itemized inventory of the pending TOs.

Clients who subscribe to CompassIDIQ will have the ability to customize the platform to their specific IDIQ vehicles in both the Civilian and Defense sectors.

In support of the subscription, RWCO consultants will conduct a monthly briefing call with the subscriber to discuss the CompassIDIQ report and address any questions associated with actionability of the data. We will provide specific insight into the overall pipeline and any of the TOs that have been changed, updated, or added to the report from the previous month.


A sample Dashboard page of the monthly report

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