GSA Polaris and Legacy of Alliant 2 / VETS 2

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What is GSA Polaris GSA Polaris next-generation Governmentwide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) is designed to focus on the next generation of IT services based solutions that include 5G, blockchain, robotics processing and cloud.  Polaris will not only guide small businesses through the federal market, it will also help GSA customer agencies through the acquisition of IT service-based…

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Trending Government Changes


Obviously, there have been quite a few changes that have occurred in 2020 that have a considerable impact on the ways businesses are operating within the Federal sector.  RWCO has been tracking these trends for quite some time, which are universally present across nearly every industrial and service sector that supports public sector operations, both at…

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IT Innovative Program for Strategic Sourcing


Anticipated RFP release: December 2020 A new requirement for IT support services is emerging from the Department of Transportation and it is seemingly off the radar of most IT-centric firms, large and small.  Released under the anticipated NAICS 541519 (Other Computer Related Services, size standard of $30 million annual receipts except 150 employees for IT Value…

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Actions to take prior to CIO-SP4 release


CIO-SP4 Advisory About a year ago (December 3, 2019 to be exact), the United States Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) announced the recompete schedule for Chief Information Officer – Solutions and Partners 4 (CIO-SP4). The target date was late summer, early fall 2020, but most concluded that the RFP would drop at the…

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Top 10 Opportunities 2020-2021


As we move into a new government fiscal year, we have been closely monitoring procurement activities and trends across the Federal sector.  RWCO analysts have reviewed agency-specific forecasts and other procurement data in order to provide a deep dive into anticipated 2021 contract activities across the Federal landscape.  The Top 10 procurements, as tracked by RWCO,…

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How the best consistently win with 4 simple attributes that increase Win Probability

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Introduction: My, how time flies; it seems like just last week we conducted industry researchon a number of topics germane to Federal, State, and Local Government procurements.  That last week was actually December 2018.  One of the most striking nuggets we uncovered was the compressed “win rates” we came across in nearly every industrial sector we surveyed.…

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5 FAQs on “How do I get a sole sourced contract?”

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A few weeks ago, we put out a Master Moment on the sole source process, the role of the SBA, and all things related to the SBA Search Letter process. What we received back was a slew of questions from 8A business owners on the why, how, and when of the process.  So, to add additional…

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Enhance your 8(a) Search and Requirement Letters

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As we move toward the end of the Government 2019 fiscal year, the Small Business Administration anticipates a significant uptick in sole source inquiries by both Federal agency stakeholders and 8(a) small business owners. As an 8(a) small business, then you know the use of the sole source process is a critical weapon in the arsenal of your…

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A Growth Strategy for 8(a) Companies

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This White Paper provides the executives of 8(a) companies with a strategy for operating in the 8(a) marketplace and as a method for addressing the business realities that a company must deal with when graduating from the 8(a) program. This White Paper is not intended to be a single source for all the answers and…

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How a Proposal Becomes an Awarded Contract

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For those of you like me, that grew up in the 80’s and 90’s, School House Rock commercials were the stuff of legend. It is in that precious three minute window of wisdom that I learned such critical lessons as Conjunction Junction, How a Bill Becomes a Law, and a litany of other sage nuggets.…

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