We provide research, planning, and coordination capabilities targeted to specific, client-defined industries

Our capabilities include on-site participation in procurement and industry events, competitive assessments, and market research, and often include a specialized focus for identified bid opportunities. We have developed a robust system of alerts and databases that provide real-time awareness of public sector procurements.  Through a disciplined, defined approach to qualifying business opportunities and we develop opportunity-specific win strategies to improve the probability of our client winning the opportunity.

Our capture management support positions the client for participation in the specific socioeconomic programs for which they are eligible; to include SBA's 8(a) program and other Federal and State government-wide designations and certifications. Taking into account the limited resources and experience of most small businesses, we provide a cost-effective, efficient support solution to facilitate small businesses' navigation of these specialized programs.

Capture Planning Tools and Resources

We provide a collection of tools and deliverables to the client that provide structure to the capture process while nurturing an environment conducive to creativity, precision, and insight.  We deploy the capture effort in full alignment with client goals and directives and utilize key milestones and decision gates to ensure the path maps directly to client expectations, goals, and desired outcomes.

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Competitive Assessment and Market Analysis

We assess the client capabilities and examine competitor strengths and weakness in an effort to uncover areas of high, medium, and low win probability.  By comparing the client against its competitor peers, we illuminate the strategies and themes that are best suited to result in opportunity wins.

Opportunity Forecasting

Using the NAICS relevant to our clients, we build a robust opportunity pipeline that identifies near and medium-range opportunities that require immediate action. The approach also provides clients with the long-range capability of forecasting opportunities and shaping how those opportunities emerge.  Armed with this knowledge, we support the client in prioritizing activities for bidding and refine those that requiring teaming partners or subcontractors.

Win Strategy Development, by Opportunity

Once the opportunity is identified and prioritized, we help the client develop the overall strategy to win the work by focusing on the end customer and the influence of the competitive landscape on the end customer.  We then build win strategies that set the client apart from competitors.

Action Plan and Capture Execution

Our capture support results in the development and execution of defined action plans for specific opportunities of interest to the client. These plans include customer call plans, client/end customer meetings, teaming partner discussion (as relevant), key personnel outreach (as relevant), and other activities that greatly enhance the win probability of a specific opportunity.

"…..understanding and knowledge of a wide variety of fields and disciplines result in an extraordinarily level of business acumen."

- Shelley Spector, President, Spector Corporate Communications