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Grow Your Business & Grow Your Wealth, Ep 184

By rw-admin | March 1, 2024

You can listen to the on: iTunes  Spotify  Stitcher TuneIn and YouTube  How can small businesses leverage government contracting to scale and succeed? In this enlightening episode of “Grow Your Business & Grow Your Wealth with Gary Heldt,” guest Richard Wagner, CEO of RWCO, brings over 25 years of expertise, discussing the intricacies of government contracts for small businesses. Wagner sheds light…

Navigating the Complexity: The Imperative of Expert Help in GSA Schedule Proposal Writing

By digitalguider | January 16, 2024

Embarking on the journey to secure a General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule is a strategic move that can unlock a plethora of opportunities for businesses. However, the intricate process of GSA Schedule proposal writing demands not only a deep understanding of government procurement but also a mastery of complex regulations and meticulous attention to detail.…

Professional studio microphone background, Podcast or recording studio banner

Richard Wagner, What Works for MBEs, Ep 2

By rw-admin | December 7, 2023

Timothy sits down with Richard Wagner to share his strategies for helping MBEs and SMEs win Government contracts and how he has achieved a 70% win rate with his proposal strategies.–What-Works-for-MBEs–Ep-2-e2cs36l/a-aamveap

Supply Chain Risk Management

Supply Chain Risk Management and Emerging Proposal Requirements 

By rw-admin | December 5, 2022

Looking ahead at GSA OASIS+, GSA Alliant 3, NASA SEWP, DLA JETS Without question, the COVID-19 pandemic posed significant challenges for supply chains globally. In the United States, national lockdowns slowed or even temporarily stopped the flow of raw materials and finished goods. A disruption in manufacturing naturally ensued. However, the pandemic did not necessarily…

Alliant 3: Key Proposal Response Attributes and Considerations

By rw-admin | November 27, 2022

The draft RFP for Alliant 3 was released in late October 2022 and may be found via the site [search for Notice ID 47QTCK22N001]. The GSA anticipates leaving the response period for the draft open for comments until January 6, 2023. After that, it is anticipated that GSA acquisition will undertake a series of…

Lessons Learned from NIH CIO-SP4, DHS FirstSource III, and GSA Polaris

By rw-admin | November 14, 2022

With most of the 2022 calendar year in the books and the start of the Government fiscal year, it is a good time to review and reflect on the 2022 procurement activity relevant to the major procurement programs across the General Services Administration (GSA) and specific agencies. Three specific procurement come to mind when accounting…

The Rise of the Reverse Industry Day

By rw-admin | November 4, 2022

The Use of the “Reverse Industry Day”  As broader GWAC IDIQs begin to enter into focus due to the shift in U.S. Government procurement strategy (from single awards to multi-award GWAC IDIQs), the Government’s use of a relatively under-utilized industry engagement tool is gaining in frequency: Reverse Industry Day (RID).  Many industry participants, large or…


GSA BIC MAC and the Future of GWACS

By rw-admin | March 14, 2022

BIC MAC goes by many names: BIG MAC, Next Generation Services IDIQ, and OASIS 2. GSA has not yet settled on an official contract name. Therefore, RWCO refers to all of these names under the single name BIC MAC to ensure clarity.  Like its cousin POLARIS, BIC MAC is among the most “Googled” government-wide acquisition…


GSA Polaris and its Impact on Small Business

By rw-admin | February 28, 2022

As a key factor of the GSA’s stated acquisition strategy, the Government’s movement toward multi-agency contract vehicles is intended to streamline the procurement process while seeking to reduce inefficiency through the removal of redundant contract vehicles.  Some organizations competing for awards through existing contract vehicles, to include Alliant Small Business (Alliant-SB), may face a new…


GSA Polaris and the Universe of Possibilities

By rw-admin | July 21, 2021

Perhaps no other GWAC in recent memory has been as widely publicized and anticipated as the GSA’s latest GWAC, Polaris.  This newest contract vehicle will replace Alliant 2 and VETS. These predecessor vehicles were hailed as broad-scale vehicles that afford the small business community tremendous business opportunities within the Federal marketplace only three years ago.…