Richard Wagner & Company (RWCO) is a business strategy, business development, and proposal consulting firm headquartered in the Washington, DC, metropolitan region. The firm was founded to assist small- and medium-sized businesses efficiently navigate the complicated and hyper-competitive process of winning business with public and private markets, to include Government sectors and regulated markets.

RWCO prides itself on having a positive, demonstrable impact on the growth and development of our clients. Our staff is composed of motivated, driven professionals who take the business of winning very seriously. RWCO staff has decades of experience and a proven track record of success. This hands-on experience, combined with our unique approach, makes us different from other business development organizations.

We equip clients with the tools, resources, and expertise necessary to consistently win new business, retain existing business, and grow the operational capabilities of their organizations. We do this by providing seasoned, experienced consultants with a track record of navigating competitive business environments. We optimize our impact on client success through defined processes and approaches that have been proven effective over an extended period of time and across multiple business domains.

We build capability,
not dependence

Our clients' goals
are our goals

When our clients win,
we win

We package our offerings within a firm fixed price approach that provides our clients with clarity on the total cost of the engagement. Our clients can then determine the return-on-investment of a given activity well in advance of allocating resources, people, and budget to a given opportunity.

The end result: Our clients experience a higher probability of success while maintaining clarity, simplicity, and consistency within the highly competitive environments of sales, marketing, and business development.


Our clients have the advantage of access to a broad range of services beyond just proposal writing or business development, such as strategy, operations planning, capture, and market development. We pride ourselves on having the client's perspective.

Client focused, always: We take pride in the consistency of our workforce and ensure that a client will have a single, consistent point of contact across client engagement. We offer a dedicated team that is tasked to client projects so that our proficiency in serving the client grows in tandem with each project.

Project fees with the Client's ROI in mind: We utilize a firm fixed price project quote model in which we provide a complete project fee/rate against a defined set of tasks. That way, the client knows with absolute certainty the cost of responding to the RFP or commissioning a project and can weigh that factor as they evaluate a decision.

Verifiable win rate by an independent 3rd party: We take the notion of winning very seriously and invest considerable time and resources to ensure we are performing at the highest level. We conduct an annual audit of project engagements in which we examine each client's wins and losses. We adjust our practices to ensure continued client success.

Scalable, Flexible and Process Oriented: Our services are rooted in years of direct, hands-on experience and are guided by business processes that ensure consistency, quality, and efficiency. The end result is a flexible business development solution that is optimized through experience and grounded in results-oriented industry best practices.


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